Starcraft 2 Betting with Parimatch

Computer games have long ceased to be just entertainment. Now it’s an industry that brings in huge amounts of money, comparable to Hollywood’s income. E-sports deserves special attention. Professional gamers become real stars known to the whole world. Everyone who loves gambling entertainment can make money from their success. Just go to the special section on the BC Parimatch website, choose your favorite faction and place a bet.

Of particular interest to bettors is the online bet on StarCraft 2. The game is one of the most popular real-time strategies in the history of the genre. Blizzard, like other e-sports companies and organizations, regularly host large-scale tournaments with huge prize pools that attract both professional players and spectators. And anyone can bet on a war within the framework of such events. Where and how to bet real money on StarCraft 2? About everything in order.

Starcraft 2 Reviews

Starcraft 2 is a sci-fi RTS from Blizzard Entertainment. Strategy is a direct continuation of the first part, which was released in 1998 and remained at the peak of popularity for more than fifteen years. The sequel, like the original game, quickly became a sought-after cyberpunk. And today it won’t be hard to find a bookie or a betting app in StarCraft 2. PariMatch also has a section with bets for all the major markets in the game. Just visit the office’s website and select the event you like in line.

In Starcraft II, battles take place between two players on a predefined map. Each participant in the war chooses one of three races:


The races have their own characteristics, a unique set of units and buildings. The player who destroys the opponent’s base and/or causes him to surrender wins.


The probability of winning by one of the gamers depends on several factors. Among them:

the ability to use the strengths of the chosen race;
Skill to play on the map where the battle takes place;
overall skill level.

Therefore, before placing a bet on one of the StarCraft 2 matches in PariMatch, it is important to research and analyze the statistics, familiarize yourself with the opponent’s current form and personal encounter history. their. And then decide if you need to risk your money.

How to bet on Starcraft 2?

Betting on eSports events at PariMatch is easy. For this you need:

  • Sign up on the bookmaker’s website.
  • Indicate in your personal account the most suitable methods for replenishing your account and
  • withdrawing your winnings.
  • Deposit.

Then just go to the e-sports section, go to the Starcraft 2 competitions and bet on the event you like in the bookie’s line. You can do this both before the start and during the match in Live mode. Furthermore, the user himself chooses the form of bet: single, system or express.

Betting Tips

Even experienced bettors can’t always determine their favorites in a confrontation between zerg, terrans and protoss. Especially when the true masters of their craft appear. Therefore, fans of gambling entertainment will find the following StarCraft 2 betting tips very helpful. The following steps will help you become a successful bettor and earn money watching the major tournaments:

Before placing a bet, thoroughly research any available information about the upcoming confrontation. Sometimes winning depends on even small factors (e.g. an esports player’s performance in front of a home audience, which will give him impressive support) that can affect result.
Take into account your opponent’s skill level, as well as consider their previous successes playing for the selected race on this map.
Try to analyze the smallest details, to the atmosphere of the gamer’s campaign, his current physical and emotional state. For example, a large number of difficult battles held in a short time can seriously undermine even an obvious favorite.
Pay attention to the current form of the players as well as the statistics of previous head-to-head achievements.
Try to keep a close eye on the match selected to bet on to promptly react to developments.

Also, don’t forget that live bets on StarCraft 2 are made in seconds on the website and in the BC PariMatch app. So sometimes it is more profitable to watch the match and place a live bet.

Bonuses and promotions

Please note that the PariMatch website regularly organizes various activities for the office’s clients. These are not only bonuses and promotions, but also loyalty programs that allow you to save money