Betting on horse racing at parimatch

The rush that comes with watching a horse being pushed out just to make a last minute charge and startleading the herd is impressive. Along with jockeys jockeying, dust gracing air, and screaming fans, watching horse racing games is fun.

But, going to see horse racing in a track field is no longer possible- at least not every day. Fortunately, the internet has revolutionized the way people live, and that comes with online horse racing betting. First, online horse racing betting is possible for the following reasons:

  • You can bet on a horse without walking to a track especially if you don’t live near one
    if it rains, a race track may be closed, but online horse racing betting in Vietnam is not limited by rain
  • you can bet on a bigger event around the country
    If a nearby racetrack is closed for maintenance, your favorite horse racing betting site will not close.

Online horse racing betting allows you to bet on any race track worldwide from whatever location you are in as long as you have an account with the bookie. In our case, you need to open an account with  Parimatch (Parimatch) where you have to add your name, email or phone number and password. The good thing about this bookmarker is that it has a wide range of betting options, a wide range of songs and actions, a user-friendly interface and most importantly, it is one of the most trusted sites on the internet.

How to bet on horse racing

Online horse racing betting starts with you creating an account with parimatch. Second, do your research on the horses in the race and settle with one or several you want to bet on. Next, you deposit the amount of bet you want to place on a particular horse or race.

Usually, a horse racing game is placed in a category depending on the race type, date and time. Odds are also included. So if you stake $30 and your horse with an odd of 1.5 wins, your stake is multiplied by the odds.


  • Read the form instructions to see which horse has a high chance of winning.
  • Rate the jockey or coach and choose the one with greater experience when they have a better chance of winning.
    If it’s your first time betting, pick a favorite horse and bet on it, the odds may be low, but you have a chance to win.
  • Go check. If a horse performs best on a sunny day, it doesn’t mean it will perform well on a muddy track. To make sure your selection works well in the current conditions of the road.
  • One thing to factor in the distance. Horses with stamina do better over longer distances while those known for speed do well over shorter distances.
  • Understanding the disability process is also a necessity to consider before betting on horse racing.
  • When more weight is placed on the horse that performs better, your bet can be won if you choose a horse you believe is the best.

Parimatch Bonus

Parimatch offers you a 200% bonus on your first deposit. To receive the bonus, you need to create an account and fill in your details. However, the bonus is applied within seven days of creating your account. You must also deposit a minimum of INR 300 and a maximum of INR 4000.

Horse Racing Betting Rules and Strategies

Most horse racing viewers bet on the race. But, only a few of them win because they only bet small as entertainment. In other words, most people don’t really care about the outcome of a horse racing game, and that’s why they don’t even watch a game. However, those who are serious about betting and winning implement different strategies. This is what makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. But the truth is, the difference between a better success and failure is not the wins and losses they make. Instead, it’s how they both view the overall payout and how it affects their profits and losses.

Here are horse racing betting rules and strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning horse racing betting games.


Millions of dollars in horse racing betting come from people who do little or no research on the horse they are betting on. The truth is, even a glimpse at a horse racing betting game can increase your chances of winning. But most people don’t do either.

To differentiate yourself from the unresearchers, look at the form of racing, also known as a horse racing betting guide. The guide includes all relevant information, including where a horse has competed in previous races, whether a horse has been disqualified, the jockey’s shirt color and the number of races per horse. joined.

Most races consist of nine horses. So a horse racing betting guide will include the details of nine horses. However, if you want to bet on Kentucky or derby, the number of horses is more. In that case, only the details of the top nine horses will be included in the horse racing betting guide. The horses that take the first three places in the race have a higher chance of winning- so bet on them.

Bet on different types of markets

Winning bets are the most common bet for a horse racing game. That’s where you pick a horse you predict will win and hope it turns out to be. However, there are many types of bets you can try, especially if you want to take your betting to the next level and increase your chances of winning. For example, while winning a bet, you choose a horse, and it takes first place for you to win, the bet is different. If the horse takes first or second place, you are still the winner. See, your chances of winning increase the more you make these types of bets. However, on top, you can bet on several horses of the same race. This opens up the opportunity for you to make bigger bangs home from your bet.

However, this does not mean that you bet on every race or horse. Shop odds

Various bookmakers offer unique odds. Although the difference is usually not noticeable, one is often better off finding a bet with the best odds. This way you make a few dollars more than anyone using a site with lower odds. Parimatch is a great bookmarker. Not only are the odds attractive, but they also give you free tips to help you choose the ideal horse that can win.

Manage your bankroll

Regardless of what you are gambling on, managing your bankroll cannot be emphasized enough. Before you start betting, deduct the amount you use to pay your bills and serve your daily needs. Whatever you still have with, divide and save some and put the rest into gambling. The amount you are willing to risk is the bankroll. It is important to note that gambling sites are businesses to make a profit. So if you are not wise, you can spend all your money hoping to win. However, if you start with limited capital, you are likely to stick on the same smart spending path.

While there, decide how much you want to bet per stake, before a game of horseback riding. Usually, the stake amount you place should be less than 3% of your bankroll. Keeping your stake low will allow you to bet on multiple races without draining your bankroll.

Assuming you win more than you lose, you need to cash out and let some remain in your bankroll.