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Volleyball Reviews

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports games worldwide. Volleyball is played by children, students, and even retirees. Volleyball is the only team sport that is practically injury-free. Each team is in its own half of the field and has no direct contact with the opponent. Not only can you watch volleyball matches with interest, but you can also make money from it by placing bets at the Parimatch bookie.

Volleyball rules

Each round in volleyball lasts until one of the two teams scores 25 points, with a difference of at least 2 points. That is, with a score of 24:24, the game will continue until one of the two teams gains a 2-point advantage in the set. To win, you need to win three sets. When the score is 2:2 for the sets, a tie is fixed – a shortened set to determine the winner. Tie-break in volleyball is played up to 15 points.

The rules of volleyball are quite simple and easy to understand even for those who are new to betting.

PariMatch volleyball bets are consistently in the TOP5 in popularity, ahead of boxing, eSports, handball and even hockey! You can bet both on the outcome of the entire volleyball match and on individual sets.

Why is it worth betting on volleyball at PariMatch?

Parimatch bookie has the best conditions for betting on volleyball. You can place both pre-match (pre-match) and Live (real-time) bets. It is better to place both single and quick bets or system bets. Parimatch has a wide selection of volleyball matches – from Super League, World Championship, Europe, Asia and America, to domestic championships and friendlies.

There is no draw in volleyball, the winner of the match will be determined in all cases, no matter how much time it takes. This greatly simplifies the bettor’s task, since there are no outcomes.
As a rule, the male competition is quite stable. In the head-to-head confrontation, there is rarely an unforeseen outcome, unlike football, where a random goal can decide the outcome of the match.

Women’s volleyball is another story! It all depends on the emotional state of the team during the match. Quite often, the favorites lose to outsiders even on their own pitch. For the better, this is a great opportunity to play with high odds.
Betting company Parimatch offers bets on live volleyball with live video streaming. This is a great opportunity not only to earn money but also to watch an exciting match. In-play betting is much easier than pre-match. The whole situation plays out on the web page on screen. You can play it safe and place an additional bet that, in the event of a loss, will cover the loss.

Parimatch has the best odds for volleyball, here you can make good money from sports betting. Here are convenient ways to fund your account and withdraw your winnings quickly.

Popular volleyball bets

In volleyball, unlike other sports, there are many opportunities for betting. Volleyball betting offers extensive coverage for each event. Among the most popular types of volleyball bets are as follows:

Victory of the first or second team.
Handicap on the first or second team.
Total – general and for each team separately.

You can bet for the entire match or for individual sets.


Volleyball odds can be predictable, especially if you play during the match and see real alignment on the playing field. The favorite of the meeting, having the advantage, can allow outsiders to score a decent amount of points and even win a set.


Total in volleyball is a great chance to win well. According to volleyball rules, a match in a set can go on for a very long time until either team gains a 2-point advantage. When teams are evenly matched in strength, the total score of each set can significantly exceed the average value of 41.5. Opponents of equal strength play no less than 48-50 points in each round, and the total score may exceed 230 points.

In addition to the above bets in volleyball, you can bet on whether there will be a tie and the final score of the sets.

Reasons to bet on volleyball online

In the online mode, a bettor can make good money from a volleyball match. Online you can place bets on each set and with a successful result, bettors can have up to five winning bets in a volleyball match!

When playing in the match, watching the broadcast video, bettors see the actual situation on the playing field. You don’t need to be a volleyball expert to understand who will win the set, the match, and how many points. Volleyball live betting offers a chance to win the match again if the team the bettor loses.

When playing Live, each guest

Parimatch’s customers can use the bet change function – CashOut. This is a great opportunity to cash in before the game is over. This opportunity must be used if it becomes clear that the bet may not work.

Strategy Tips

In volleyball, all the strategies that bettors use in other sports games, with the exception of a tie, work. Taking into account the peculiarities of the sport, volleyball betting strategies can be a bit different.

One of the most popular strategies that can be successfully applied in volleyball is to rely on statistics. According to statistics, in 80% of meetings between leaders and bystanders, the favorite wins. But at the same time, the outside wins at least one set. Based on this, we pick a match they give around 1.35 for a favorite win. in this case the outsider will be given 2.8 – 3.0. We bet on an outsider in the first set and watch the game. If the bet is successful, then we don’t touch this match anymore and look for another match.

If the bet fails, we bet on the outsider’s win with an amount that will cover the loss in the first hand and possibly a bonus. If the bet is already played, we leave this match and look for other options, and if not played, we place the bet again, using the same strategy. Naturally, when playing according to this strategy, it is necessary to have the opportunity to bet on the match online.

You can make good money playing volleyball! Using the volleyball betting guide presented in this article, even a beginner can make good money. Volleyball competitions take place all year round, unlike football and hockey. Parimatch every day offers a sufficient number of volleyball matches that you can bet on. Almost around the clock there are volleyball matches that you can bet on online. Many volleyball matches are broadcast live.


Volleyball is a good way to win and earn money. Volleyball has its own character – the game has up to three wins in sets. So even the clear leaders did not seek to end the game quickly, winning with a score of 3:0. As a rule, the coaching staff assigned a slot, which created an opportunity for the players. Key players get a break, creating opportunities for young people to prove themselves. Usually, an outsider, in a match against the leader, wins the first game at the expense of incredible effort, and surrenders the next three games without a fight. Class differences do not allow for peer-to-peer play with the top. With all these features, bettors can win good money with high odds!

Question and answer
Is it possible to bet on volleyball online from a smartphone

The Parimatch app for volleyball betting or the mobile version of the site is not inferior in functionality to the main version of the bookie’s website. Here you can bet online from your smartphone on volleyball and watch live video broadcasts of matches.

How to use the CashOut feature when betting on volleyball?

During the entire volleyball match, bettors can use the Parimatch CashOut function, i.e. win even before the match ends. To do this, click the “My bets” button, go to the “Unknown bets” section. Here we can see how much the house can pay out at the moment, without waiting for the game to end (put). This amount is constantly changing, depending on the situation on the playing field.

What happens to my bet if I place 4 sets on volleyball and the teams only play 3 sets?

Such cases are not uncommon in volleyball matches. If fewer sets are enough to determine the winner of a volleyball match, the customer of the house office will calculate his stake by a factor of 1, i.e. the bet will be returned.